Hatha Yoga classes, days and weekends with Lynn Yardley based in Bridgnorth and Stourbridge

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Lynn teaches a varied programme of Hatha Yoga sessions. As well as one-to-one classes, yoga days and weekends, Lynn is a specialist in pre and post-natal yoga and runs yoga for pregnancy and mother and baby classes.

All Lynn’s classes are known for their friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. They aim to leave you feeling stretched, toned, calm and serene.

Tip of the month

Count Down Breathing

A great way to quieten the mind and bring about a sense of calm and serenity.

It’s worth trying this before final relaxation and you may well find yourself quickly drifting off into a blissful state!

Taking a comfortable seated position

Bring your awareness to your breath

Then start counting each part of the breath from 50 down to zero. Exhaling count 50, inhale 49 exhale 48 and so on

Exhales are even and inhales are odd

If the mind wanders restart where you last remember getting to, or if unsure, go back to 50.

When you are finished reward yourself with a lovely lie down in savasana.