Hatha Yoga classes, days and weekends with Lynn Yardley based in Bridgnorth and Stourbridge

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Lynn teaches a varied programme of Hatha Yoga sessions. As well as one-to-one classes, yoga days and weekends, Lynn is a specialist in pre and post-natal yoga and runs yoga for pregnancy and mother and baby classes.

All Lynn’s classes are known for their friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. They aim to leave you feeling stretched, toned, calm and serene.

Tip of the month

Remember to Breathe!

Feeling short-tempered, stressed, anxious or annoyed or simply a bit below par?

Bring your breath to the rescue and try this simple exercise which encourages deep, slow and calming abdominal breathing:

Practicing this for even a minute every day is a great way to destress and to help you feel calmer and more focused.

Enjoy breathing!