Hatha Yoga classes, days and weekends with Lynn Yardley based in Bridgnorth and Stourbridge

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Lynn teaches a varied programme of Hatha Yoga sessions. As well as one-to-one classes, yoga days and weekends, Lynn is a specialist in pre and post-natal yoga and runs yoga for pregnancy and mother and baby classes.

All Lynn’s classes are known for their friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. They aim to leave you feeling stretched, toned, calm and serene.

Tip of the month

Lie on the floor

Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest” Ashleigh Brilliant

Lying on the floor is good for you! When you lie on the floor or the ground (with legs extended away from you or knees bent and feet on the floor) it is like a reset button for the neck, shoulders and back, allowing all the muscles to release, relax and realign.

At the end of a yoga session, savasana, or final relaxation is your body’s time to absorb the benefits of all the poses you have just done.

If you practice at home, never stint on savasana. Compared to how busy and active most of us are most of the day, ten minutes is not a lot to ask of ourselves for a little mind focus, relaxation and rejuvenation time.

So do yourself a favour and find a few minutes to lie down, feel the earth underneath you and literally give yourself a break!